Rabu, 4 September 2013

Adakah Rasulullah dibuat daripada cahaya?

Is the Messenger of God light, or is he a human like us as is mentioned in the Qur’an?

Dr Ali Jum'ah answered: 
The Messenger of God is light, this is a correct statement as the Qur’an states, “Now has there come to you light from God and a plain Scripture.” And God also says, “he [the Messenger of God] calls to the cause of God by His permission as a lamp that gives light.” The Messenger of God is both a light and a luminous light from God and there is nothing wrong with referring to him as a light as long as this is how God has referred to him.

It has been established in the sunna that the companions used to say, “his face is as the moon.” The Messenger of God also stated that when his mother was pregnant in him “she saw light that lit for her the palaces of Basra in the lands of the Levant.” His companions also stated that, “when the Messenger of God entered Madina he illuminated everything and when he passed everything became darkened in Madina.” We cannot refute that this light was actual and perceptible. There is no contradiction in this and the Qur’an stating that he was a human being.

That which is impermissible is negating his humanity as this counters the Qur’an in which is states, “say I am but a human being like you and I receive revelation.” The safe way to deal with this situation is to affirm everything that has come concerning the Messenger of God such as him being light and a human without getting into details and debate. Believing that the Messenger of God actually was luminous and possessed actual light is not contradictory with his nature as a human or a created being. The moon is a created being and possesses actual light, and the Messenger of God is better and higher in rank than the moon. We ask God to guide us to the straight path and our final prayer is all praise is due to God and He is most high and all knowledgeable.


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