Selasa, 4 Ogos 2015

Dear Najib Razak, Repent!

Dear Prime Minister,

I believe you are currently in bad situation. You are criticized by everyone. Your mentor, Tun Mahathir, You ex-DPM and now rakyat are booing MACC's report about the money in your account.

I don't have any other suggestion to solve the problem, except, dear Prime Minister, please repent.

If you are not guilty of anything, please do repent. You must have done something bad that has made Allah swt mad at you. Repent will ease the situation as Allah swt will help someone who has repented.

If you are guilty, please do repent, Sir. Bow down to Allah swt and ask for His forgiveness. After begging for His forgiveness with pure intention, please give back what you have taken from the citizens. If your intention to change is pure, Allah swt will help you.

Dear Sir,
I don't know and cannot know anymore what is true and what is wrong, as life is all gray nowadays. Slanders are all over the news. There is no more black and white. Therefore, I will always say that, I hope you will choose Allah swt. Stick to the truth, Sir. And ask for Allah's help.

No one can help you now, Sir. No one believes in you. So, you only have Allah swt now. Ask for His help, obviously, He will help, if you ask, because He swt said,
(ادعوني استجب لكم).

Of course, it is only if your intention is for Him.

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